An international tractor manufacturer is to begin filling its new machines with fuel made from waste and residues.

Valtra, which makes tractors for customers in more than 75 countries, has agreed a deal with renewable fuel producer, Neste, to replace around ‘700,000 liters of fossil diesel’ annually with the Neste MY Renewable Diesel product; a ‘drop-in’ fuel which can be used without the need to alter engines. This will cut emissions equivalent to that produced by 560 cars.

“Valtra starting to use Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a concrete action for a cleaner future. We are very delighted that we are able to help Valtra reduce the carbon footprint of their tractors in more than 75 countries. Neste MY can be freely used everywhere in the world throughout the year, because its winter quality can be used down to temperatures of -34 °C. In addition, it has an excellent shelf life,” explained Mika Hyötyläinen, Vice President of Marketing for Marketing & Services business area at Neste.