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Neste leads renewable fuels revolution

Neste – the world’s leading renewable fuel producer – is transforming the world of transportation.

The company’s Neste MY Renewable Diesel, made from waste and residues, is attracting corporates and countries keen to switch vehicles to green power. In 2017, Neste said its fuel ‘reduced climate emissions by 8.3 million tonnes of CO2’, equivalent to making a ‘city the size of Stockholm car-free for 8 years’. And it has just announced it is entering the Swedish market, where fuel will be available via distributors in the country. The fuel can be used by the transport industry and business customers, as well as in private cars as a replacement for diesel.


“Sweden has incredibly ambitious climate targets, not least that the country should be fossil-free by 2045. We and other companies which produce renewable fuels need clear policies and predictable forecasts, if we are to secure new investment and increase production, which is required to significantly reduce emissions from the transport sector and achieve our climate goals,” said Carl Nyberg, Neste’s Vice President in Sales Scandinavia.


Meanwhile, in the US, transportation and logistics business, Ecology, has confirmed it its switching its 600 plus trucks to Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.


“Neste MY Renewable Diesel is excellent for use in our on-road and off-road diesel applications for light, medium and heavy use. The product is easy to use, it’s very flexible, best of all, there’s no additional cost to receive the product as we don’t have to change our infrastructure,” said Greg Evans, fleet manager, Ecology.

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