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Susan Robertson

Partnerships | Publishing

Marc Buckley

EDITOR-AT-LARGE | UN SDG Advocate | World Economic Forum Expert | Global Food Reformist

Iain Robertson

Strategy | Editorial

Expert contributors

Dr Roland Strauss

Managing Director | Knowledge 4 Innovation (K4I)

Dr Sandra Piesik

Architect I Director I Policy Support Consultant to UNCCD I Stakeholder to UNFCCC and UN-HABITAT I Researcher I Author

Dr Rocio Ortego

Expert Analysis | Global health & Climate

Robbert Fisher

Managing Director | The Joint Institute Innovation Policy (JIIP)

Eva Marie Fekete-Keretic

Composer | Performer | Moderator | Creative Director | Climate Activist

Paolo Arancio

Strategist | Innovator | Intrapreneur

Lorena Medina

Artist | filmmaker | activist

Beatriz Carrer


Knowledge 4 Innovation (K4I)


Incubator Europe


ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability