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Innovators Magazine is on a mission to use the power of good communication to inspire a synergy between innovation and justice. 

Major leaps are being made in how we make, power, and grow things, as new carbon-friendly technologies and innovations pave the way for the transition to a net zero world. Everyone knows about many of these phenomenal innovations, and knows they are not being adopted fast enough. Everyone also knows there are historical injustices embedded deep inside the old operating systems responsible for creating an unfair world. Which makes innovation with equity a prerequisite for achieving meaningful and transformative change. We cannot just graft pioneering new practices and products onto the structurally unsound foundations that made societies a mess in the first place and hope for the best. For too long these rotten foundations have been allowed to destroy the lives – and indeed any semblance of hope – for billions of people worldwide. 

Innovators Magazine is on a mission to use communication to make innovation and justice indivisible from one another. Working together these forces will inspire systemic changes that can help contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while moving the world towards a net zero future where people and planet thrive in unison.

For the amazing community of contributors at Innovators Magazine, active in fields including creativity, frontier technologies, global food systems, biotechnology, and social justice, there is a belief that innovation with equity will provide the foundations on which a thriving new world can emerge. In everything we do it is an objective that must be clarified before any proclamations are made about transformative new innovations and ideas.

Our mission is to focus on breakthroughs and ideas that embody innovation with equity and to highlight where more action is needed, where new approaches are required, to ensure that justice is part of the process. This goal is supported by a range of communication tools. Writing and sharing stories is just one of the ways we strive to contribute to meaningful change. We also develop and run events, research initiatives, social media campaigns, and hackathons, to reach new audiences, and encourage people to ask the right questions. And every week, to offer listeners and viewers practicable advice on how to implement innovation with equity, our editor-at-large Marc Buckley, a global food reformist and member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, garners insight and advice from some of the world’s most inspiring and impactful innovators on the Inside Ideas podcast. 

Our mission to share these stories goes hand-in-hand with our passion for collaborating with aligned partners to develop engaging global events, initiatives and publications that can effectively communicate to new and diverse audiences. A passion which has seen us partner on events at the European Parliament; as media partners at COP25; and in developing the world’s first cross-sector awards platform recognising innovative companies and organisations working for the Global Goals

We will continue to try out and experiment with different channels for communicating these ideas: to support the creation of ecosystems where justice and equality are non-negotiable aspects of all sectoral and societal transitions headlining a better world for all as their central aim.

Innovators magazine strives to connect with all changemakers: citizens, startups, corporations, policymakers, academics or organisations, to embed and accelerate innovation with equity, and promote the types of mindsets that will make this pursuit second nature.

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