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Big progress is being made in how we make, power, and grow things, as new carbon-friendly technologies and innovations pave the way for the transition to a net zero world. There are still historical injustices embedded within the old operating systems though, which makes innovation with equity so important.

For the amazing community of contributors at Innovators Magazine, active in fields including creativity, frontier technologies, global food systems, biotechnology, and social justice, there is a belief that innovation with equity will provide the foundations on which a thriving new world can emerge.

A new world which is being created by the types of guests our editor-at-large, Marc Buckley, a global food reformist and member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, speaks with on the Inside Ideas podcast. 

As well as the magazine and podcast we also develop and run events, research initiatives, social media campaigns, and hackathons, to reach new audiences, and encourage people to embrace new ways of thinking.

Which has led us to partner on events at the European Parliament; become media partners at COP; and develop the world’s first cross-sector awards platform recognising innovative companies and organisations working for the Global Goals

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