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Oslo airport backs sustainable route

Oslo airport is leading the aviation industry towards the use of more sustainable fuels.

It is sharing its experience in becoming the first airport in the world – last year – to supply renewable aviation fuels – including biofuels developed from used cooking oils, to all airlines, at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn.

Airports and airlines worldwide are getting on board, like Stuttgart and Genève Aéroport. And Qantas, KLM, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada are some of the carriers shifting to cleaner fuels in a bid to slash emissions, a move confirmed in a Nasa report as being good news for the environment.

These are the types of actions and stories being shared and promoted at COP23, which continues until 17 November.

Follow #COP23 on Twitter to find out more on what the aviation – and all other industries – are doing to tackle climate change.

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