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Taking the ‘perfect flight’

A one-hour flight in Sweden, between Halmstad City airport and Stockholm Bromma airport, has been labelled the ‘Perfect Flight’.

The 72 passengers aboard the Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) ATR 72-600 turboprop plane were on an aircraft ‘optimised to keep carbon emissions to a minimum’.

Braathens Regional Airlines collaborated with Air BP, ATR and Neste to deliver this week’s flight. ATR said the ATR 72-600 ‘produces 40% fewer carbon emissions per trip compared with regional jets, saving 4,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per aircraft per year’. “Today, using existing technology and available solutions, we have pushed the boundaries even further,” said Tom Anderson – ATR Senior Vice President, Programs and Customer Services. Sustainable aviation fuel, produced by Neste – and supplied by Air BP powered the plane; a fuel that generates 80% less emissions ‘over its life-cycle compared with conventional jet fuel’.

Anna Soltorp, Head of Sustainability, BRA, added: “We want to continue to fly ‘perfectly’ in the future. To achieve this, it is important that we can access sustainable aviation fuel in sufficient quantities and at the right price. For that we need political initiatives. We intend to continue the development of sustainable flying to make every flight as close to perfect as we possibly can. As a society we need to take action to combat climate change and drastically reduce emissions, aviation must play its part in this. Today, we have demonstrated what can be achieved through more efficient flying without compromising connectivity. It is another positive step forwards.”

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