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New funding for electric air transport

A startup launched on the back of a record-breaking round-the-world solar flight has bagged funding to develop electric propulsion tech for the aviation sector.

H55 is one the legacy’s to come from that historic Solar Impulse flight in 2016. And its co-pilot, André Borschberg, is dedicated to making air transport ‘cleaner, quieter, safer and more affordable’ through H55 innovations.

The backing from Silicon Valley and Swiss-based Venture Capital business, NanoDimension – via the startup’s first financing round – has been welcomed by André Borschberg,

“Electric air transport will drastically improve the way we live and move. New concepts which are only possible with electric propulsion, will soon allow for aircraft to take-off and land vertically and quietly. Imagine boarding an electric airplane on top of a building which can bring you to the other side of the city in less than 10 minutes, with no impact on the environment, at the KM cost of a car,” he said.

H55 will use the investment to progress its pioneering ‘turnkey software and hardware solutions’ to transform the systems that power planes. Innovators Magazine reported last year the strides the young company was making – epitomised by its demonstrator aircraft: aEro1.

André flew over the cities of New York and Shanghai and crossed the Pacific. He has more experience of flying electric aircraft than any other pilot or company in the world. He trusted his life with the technology developed by his team to enable perpetual flight. Aviation regulators trusted them as well and certified SI2 allowing them to fly over cities, continents and oceans. When I saw aEro1, H55’s first electric aircraft, I was impressed and convinced. We are honoured to join this venture and to help them to become a leading provider of electric propulsion for the aviation industry.”

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