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Students find solutions using biotech


Innovators Magazine promoted a video contest by GMO Answers last month that asked the public to say how they would use biotech to tackle food-related problems.

The engaging initiative, where people submitted a short 15 to 30 second video, helped raise awareness of biotechnology among the public. With perceptions and facts on some of the issues often being at odds with one another, creative projects like this can bridge the gap.

And American school students stepped up to the plate – bagging the top three positions. Check out the winning entries.



Porter Christensen, a high school senior from St. George, UT, demonstrated how genetically modified, vitamin A-enriched corn can solve widespread vitamin A deficiency in Africa. Vitamin A deficiency can result in weakened immune systems, skin diseases and blindness in children.


A George Junior High science class from Springdale, AR. The class demonstrated how biotechnology can help solve world hunger, citing that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates 1 in 7 people in the world suffer from chronic hunger.


An Adams Central High School agriculture class from Hastings, NE. The class demonstrated how biotechnology can help promote water conservation, as water continues to become a limited resource.

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