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NASA tech impacts Earth


Technologies with their origins in Space are transforming life on Earth, according to NASA.

The agency has published Spinoff 2018, which reveals 49 tech innovations – it helped create – that are being applied in a range of scenarios, including to ‘find disaster survivors trapped under rubble’ and ‘purify air’.

“NASA’s work represents an investment in the future, not just for air and space travel. At the same time that NASA’s space exploration missions are inspiring young people to become scientists and engineers, the agency’s work in support of those missions is creating jobs for them across many industrial sectors. Commercial technology spun off from NASA research and technology programs, and missions creates new companies, grows the economy, saves money, keeps us safer, and even saves lives,” said Stephen Jurczyk, associate administrator of the Space Technology Mission Directorate in Washington.

Versions of Spinoff 2018 are available in both print and digital.

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