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IKEA bootcamp bags food tech startup


A pioneering food-tech company is one of 10 exciting young companies picked to join IKEA’s bootcamp programme.

The bootcamp in Sweden will provide a space for innovative startups to work with IKEA to ‘co-create’ products and systems that are affordable for the masses and good for the planet.

And Flying SpArk is one of those selected. It is developing natural proteins for human consumption ‘extracted from the Mediterranean fruit fly. The ‘insect-protein producer’ plans to use the opportunity to develop a product for IKEA’s restaurants.

“We are excited to join the IKEA accelerator and to have the opportunity to learn how to work with a giant retailer like IKEA. This will completely enhance our product development and how we progress. IKEA will mentor and work with our team toward eventually collaboration between the companies to develop a product and hopefully to launch it at IKEA’s restaurants,” said Eran Gronich, co-founder & CEO of Flying SpArk.

The IKEA accelerator, which will kick off in Älmhult, Sweden, on 18 September, will run until December.

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