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Dogless hotdog anyone?

Could dogless hotdogs or bug burgers be added to IKEA’s menus soon?

The Space10 lab in Copenhagen, which previously produced Tomorrow’s Meatball – a reworking of IKEA’s iconic meatball, has been cooking up some new recipe combinations that might become fast food staples of tomorrow. 

“At SPACE10, our research is rooted in an important principle. Dishes shouldn’t just be healthy or sustainable. They must be delicious, too,” the lab’s blog explains. “To change people’s minds about food, to inspire them to try new ingredients, we can’t just appeal to the intellect — we have to titillate their taste buds,”

Dogless hotdog screen grab.

And it has transformed five classics using sustainable ingredients – including the hot dog.

“The star of the show — and what gives the Dogless Hotdog its eye-catching looks — is the bun itself.

“That’s because it’s made with spirulina — the micro-algae that contains more beta carotene than carrots, more chlorophyll than wheatgrass, and 50 times more iron than spinach,” blogs Space10.

Check out all five.

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