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IKEA delivers on low carbon fuel

IKEA Finland is accelerating towards its climate positive goals by using Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ in its home deliveries. Compared to fossil diesel the Neste alternative, made from renewable and sustainable raw materials, allows users to slash their carbon footprint by 90%. And IKEA Finland is filling up on it to deliver to tens of thousands of Finnish homes.

”We want to lead the way of sustainability also in the field of logistics. In addition to renewable fuels, home deliveries with trucks that use biogas and electricity are part of our steps towards climate positivity. Consumers also want a lower carbon footprint from their home deliveries, as well as more environmentally friendly packaging materials ‒ we want to provide this service to our customers,” says Tiina Suvanto, Sustainability Manager of IKEA Finland.  

By the middle of this decade IKEA plans to provide entirely emission-free home deliveries across the Group. While Finland aims to be carbon neutral by 2035. The country features regularly on these pages as a trailblazer for sustainable innovations – and the one to call for a chat about the circular economy.

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Finland to become ‘world’s first fossil-free society’

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