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IKEA designs fossil-free future

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IKEA and Neste are two companies that have featured on these pages for their sustainable innovations.

The pair announced earlier this month they have successfully managed to take ‘renewable residue and waste raw materials’ and make plastic products. Next up, they will run a pilot later this year to produce bio-based polypropylene plastic at a commercial scale. It supports IKEA’s goal to ensure plastics in its products are made from recycled or renewable materials by 2030.


“This new material represents a significant step towards a fossil free future. No one has ever before been able to produce PP plastic from a fossil-free raw material other than on a laboratory scale. Together with Neste, we are ensuring that there is an opportunity to scale up the production of this material,” said Erik Ljungblad, Category Manager Plastic Products at IKEA of Sweden

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circular | fashion

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