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Data aids personalised healthcare goal


A world-leading biomedical centre in Qatar is harnessing IBM technologies to advance personalised treatments.

The Sidra Medical and Research Center (Sidra) in Qatar is using IBM solutions to manage genome sequencing data, improve bioinformatic capabilities and support the country’s overarching biomedical ambitions to develop individual healthcare solutions. The tech has already been used on the Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) – an initiative designed to accelerate the delivery of personalised medicines.

“Sidra’s remit for the Qatar Genome Program is an ambitious genomics medical research project in terms of compute and data scope,” explained Dr Robert Eades, Research Advisor, IBM Middle East & Africa. “To most effectively manage and analyze a large number of whole genome sequences for population genomics, Sidra chose IBM as one of its key players to build a long-term technology foundation for medical analytics research at this scale.”

Dr Rashid Al-Ali, Division Chief of the Biomedical Informatics Division at Sidra, added: “Sidra has undertaken to implement personalized medicine to better meet the unmet needs of the women and children in Qatar and beyond. Biomedical informatics plays a central role in bringing this concept to life. This is why we hired a multidisciplinary team of experts from all over the world, invested in leading technologies and chosen vendors like IBM to help enhance our approach to offering personalized care to the women and children of Qatar. Our implementation of technologies goes beyond than meeting Sidra’s needs – as we have the basic building blocks in place to be considered a national resource in the county and build local capacity.”

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