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Cloud tech used to prevent pandemics

A Canadian biotechnology company is harnessing IBM Cloud technology to stop pandemics from striking.

Fusion Genomics pioneers DNA tech that is designed to detect impending threats, like swine flu and SARS. The company gathers aerosol samples from areas at risk, analyses them, and passes the information to government agencies and hospitals so they can take all necessary actions.

“With a quickly growing global population, potential outbreaks of infectious diseases pose an increasingly pressing threat to our public health,” said Mohammad Qadir, CEO of Fusion Genomics.

He praised the IBM Cloud platform for its “ability to quickly scale up or down while ensuring that sensitive data is protected with one of the most secure clouds available”.

“This accelerates our capacity to react to infectious diseases that can pose dangerous threats to both the economy and human life,” he added.

Government bodies in Canada – and across the European Union – use the services Fusion Genomics provides with the support of IBM.


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