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US and China talk precision medicine

Beijing hosted a landmark US-China summit on precision medicine this week.

Government, academia and industry leaders from the two countries gathered for the event on 29 March, sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, to discuss how to capitalise on the potential of precision medicine has to offer game changing solutions in the fight against cancer and other devastating diseases.

“Our collective goal is to deepen conversations and share insights to improve current cancer therapies and address unmet medical needs,” explained Dr Martin Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of CEO Roundtable on Cancer: a co-host of the event. “More importantly, the Summit serves as a great opportunity for us to learn from each other and foster collaboration in battling together to end cancer.”

The two countries are working hard to promote the progress of precision medicine on the international stage – and advancing it is a key element of China’s 13th five-year-plan.

“We actively support governments, academia, pharma, biotech and clinicians with technology and expertise to accelerate precision medicine research, with a pathway to the clinic. The Summit enables the exchange of ideas that will lead to improved patient outcomes and lower the cost of care,” added Mark Stevenson, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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