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Tyson invests in clean meat

America’s largest meat producer continues to back clean meat pioneers.

Tyson Foods announced this week it has contributed – via its venture capital Tyson Ventures arm – to the $2.2 million investment round of Israel’s Future Meat Technologies; a company which has built tech to cost-effectively produce ‘fat and muscle cells, the core building blocks of meat’ – that comes ‘directly from animal cells’. The company has developed it from an innovation by Professor Yaakov Nahmias’ of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, licensed via Yissum.

“Hebrew University, home to Israel’s only Faculty of Agriculture, specialises in incubating applied research in such fields as animal free meat sources. Future Meat Technologies’ innovations are revolutionising the sector and leading the way in creating sustainable alternative protein sources,” said Dr Yaron Daniely, President and CEO of Yissum.

Tyson Foods also supports Memphis Meats, which uses animal cells to make chicken and beef – without killing animals.

“The meat industry itself now sees the writing on the wall. Tyson, the largest meat producer in the US, has invested in Silicon Valley darling Beyond Meat, and the massive meat conglomerate Cargill has invested in clean meat pioneer Memphis Meats,” Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute, wrote in article for our biotech special edition published earlier this year – read the full piece in the digital version below.

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