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Stella helps shape ‘future of fashion’

Stella McCartney is on a mission to help create a sustainable fashion industry. The famous designer is partnering with Bolt Threads – a company creating material from sustainable sources.

Instead of harmful petrochemicals, Bolt Threads is inspired by nature to develop fabrics for a sustainable world. It can make silk using yeast, for example, and does so using closed loop manufacturing processes. The American biotech will now work alongside Stella McCartney to pioneer fibres made from renewable raw materials.

“On a personal and professional level partnering with Bolt Threads is so exciting, because it feels like everything is finally coming together and the dots are being connected between fashion, sustainability and tech innovation. This is something that I’ve been personally on a journey to find for much of my career and I just feel like there is finally a new opportunity to bring so many industries together and for them to all work as one for a better planet. It is a truly modern and mindful approach to fashion. The industry has so much heritage, but at times it can be damaging to the environment and it can also drag you in a backwards direction and for me I always want to move forward in fashion and this is truly a moment to celebrate technology and the future of fashion,” Stella said.

And initiatives like this are vital. In America a staggering 85% of apparel is ending up in landfill. Like Stella, many within the industry are taking action, including H&M, which has set out its vision to become 100% circular by 2030.

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