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Expo 2020 Dubai
Credit: Expo 2020 Dubai


Programme for people and planet

Expo 2020 Dubai is all about looking beyond the horizon towards a better future, a better world, one where people and planet thrive together. Visitors will be able to reach out and touch that future when the event opens in October.

Dubai is synonymous with innovation, and during the six-month Expo it will be home to some of the world’s leading breakthroughs designed to reconnect humanity with nature. The event’s Programme for People and Planet will strive to inspire transformative change, aiming to make this its legacy. On throughout the Expo, the programme will be built around 10 Theme Weeks and 18 International Days, which will focus on global challenges and issues relating to climate change, biodiversity loss, the digital divide, and ensuring equal access to education and healthcare.

“Sitting at the heart of our World Expo, and taking place at a moment in time that could not be more urgent or opportune, the Programme for People and Planet is the manifestation of our theme and purpose, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating The Future’,” said Nadia Verjee, Chief of Staff, Expo 2020 Dubai. “It will not only form an essential part of our event-time activities, but will also catalyse a one-of-a-kind movement to shape the legacy that Expo 2020 leaves the world, long after we close our doors, resulting in a meaningful and measurable impact for generations to come.”

Through the hundreds of events in this programme organisers plan to demonstrate each day the role everyone, including individuals, businesses, and policy-makers, can and must play as agents of change.

The Expo runs from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. Find out how to get involved

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Susan is the co-founder of Innovators Magazine and a consultant for OnePoint5Media. Susan is also a member of the UNFCCC-led Resilience Frontiers Nexus group and the Chair of the APOPO Foundation UK board.

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