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Solar energy could heat Nordic homes


Nordic households could use power from the sun for 80% of their heating needs, according to new research.

A team from Aalto University, in Finland, has calculated – that by implementing certain models – renewable energy could provide between 53-81% of annual heating needs. While the study relates to Finland “this result is also valid for Sweden, Norway and other locations at the same latitudes”, explained Hassam ur Rehman, a doctoral candidate at Aalto University.

The variable percentages relate to the different storage options applied, which analysed the best methods for utilising excess energy during cold periods.

“In Finland, more than 80% of the energy consumption in households goes to heating buildings and water, and this is on the increase. Solar energy offers economically sensible solutions for the collection of energy for this purpose, and for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, especially in southern Finland where the majority of the population lives,” added Kai Sirén, Professor at Aalto University.

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clean energy

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