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Pioneering tidal project unveiled


Plans for a pioneering tidal power scheme on England’s Lancashire coast have been unveiled.

In an announcement to the London Stock Exchange, Atlantis Resources confirmed it is in discussions with the Duchy of Lancaster to take forward a project that would have an installed capacity of 160 MW.

“The Wyre Valley tidal barrage and flood protection project represents a hugely exciting opportunity to showcase the UK’s world leading commercial tidal energy potential. We believe that the Project will help to stimulate the local economy in Fleetwood, bring wider benefits to the region, and represent a cost-effective option for clean, large scale domestic power production,” said Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis. “This will be a major project for our Atlantis Energy division as we continue our diversification strategy and we look forward to working with the Duchy of Lancaster  our partners, investors and supply chain  to bring the project to fruition.”

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