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Kosher cheeseburger not impossible


One of the big names in the burgeoning plant-based food industry has been awarded the kosher stamp of approval for its burger.

The Impossible Burger – from Impossible Foods – has been given Kosher Pareve food status, and the internationally recognised OU symbol, joining nearly a quarter of a million other certified products. Impossible makes meat and dairy foods directly from plants – with soy leghemoglobin, which contains heme – found in animals and plants – the key ingredient, one the company has pioneered a way to produce at scale.

Dairy and meat products being prepared or eaten together are not allowed under Jewish dietary laws – not a problem for Impossible.


“I’m really excited to be able to announce that the Impossible Burger is now kosher. And because our meat is purely plant-based, for the first time we can all enjoy a delicious — and strictly kosher — cheeseburger,” said Impossible Foods’ Chief Science Officer Dr David Lipman.


Next stop Halal …

“We want the Impossible Burger to be ubiquitous, and that means it must be affordable and accessible to everyone – including people who have food restrictions for religious reasons,” added Dr Patrick O. Brown, Impossible Foods CEO and Founder.

Plant-based foods were predicted to be a big trend in 2018 and writing for us earlier this year in a special biotech edition, Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute, said it was a space where innovators can make money and save the world –  read the article by Bruce in the digital edition below.

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