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Cruise company shifts to green fuel

An American cruise boat business is switching to 100% renewable fuel.

Innovators Magazine featured the Red and White Fleet company last year, when it signed an R&D deal to support the San Francisco Bay Renewable Energy Electric Vessel with Zero Emissions study – known as SF-BREEZE – being conducted by researchers at Sandia National Laboratories. Red and White Fleet pledged at the time to advance the SF-BREEZE project by designing, building and operating a ‘high-speed hydrogen fuel cell passenger ferry and hydrogen refueling station’ – in a move which aims to reduce traffic pressures faced by the country’s coastal cities.

And Red and White Fleet has further cemented its environmental credentials by moving its entire cruise fleet of vessels onto 100% Neste MY Renewable Diesel – which slashes emissions by 80%.


“We are excited to partner with Red and White Fleet by providing them with a fuel that is clean, safe, renewable and odor free. Their decision places them amongst a growing list of progressive and forward-thinking San Francisco companies that want to ensure a better world through sustainable solutions,” said Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales, Neste US.

The renewable diesel, which is distributed in America by Western States Oil, is a drop in fuel which can be used without modifying existing infrastructure.

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