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Ham trick revealed

Photo by Traf on Unsplash

Renewable diesel produced from waste leftover from Christmas dinners in Finland could power a car around the world 19 times.

Nearly 200,000 Finnish households participated in Neste’s Christmas Ham Trick initiative to collect and recycle cooking waste fats. We have been reporting the Ham Trick since its launch in 2016, as it continues to grow in popularity as both a circular economy innovation and a public engagement tool that demonstrates sustainability in action to the public.

The fat collected is used to make Neste MY Renewable Diesel which cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 90% compared to fossil fuels.

“I am very proud that the The Ham Trick campaign has for the fourth year in a row reached its target. This gives proof that Finnish households have adopted circular economy and waste recycling as part of their everyday lives. I want to thank all the partners and the Finnish households who took part in the collection, made this campaign their own and contributed to its success. By working together we can achieve a lot”, said Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Innovation at Neste. 

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