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Crossroads for climate action


Developing climate-friendly food systems is one of this century’s biggest challenges.

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), which kicked off in Bonn today, is discussing this issue, and many more, in its packed programme.

The Food & Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO) insists that while agriculture poses problems when it comes to climate, the food sector can also be a source of solutions.

“Agriculture and food systems are partly responsible for climate change, but they are also part of the solution,” an FAO report says. “Appropriate actions in agriculture, forestry and fisheries can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and promote climate adaptation – with the efforts to reduce emissions and adjust practices to the new reality often enhancing and supporting one another.”

There are a whole host of events on at COP23 focussed on this topic, with climate action seen as being key to ending hunger. And with its upbeat message, the Nordic Food Day promises to be a platform likely to generate some innovative ideas in this area.

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