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Changing world enjoys plant-based diet

America is showing a growing appetite for plant-based food and drink products.

Innovators Magazine regularly reports on this trend in the States – and worldwide – towards plant-based diets. Last month Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, from the Good Food Institute wrote for us about the opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money in this space.

And Moola, which produces dairy-free drinks, announced this week it has secured $5 million in new equity investment to help it meet market demand.

“This investment helps us ramp up production and expand our distribution network, making Mooala widely available to fans that have been requesting us for a long time,” said Jeff Richards, Mooala Founder and CEO.

It is very much the direction of travel, with global restaurant chains and Hollywood stars increasingly backing meat alternatives as the future food.

“The meat industry itself now sees the writing on the wall. Tyson, the largest meat producer in the US, has invested in Silicon Valley darling Beyond Meat, and the massive meat conglomerate Cargill has invested in clean meat pioneer Memphis Meats,” Bruce said.

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