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Bioprinting human organs

Scientists are making progress in the quest to bioprint transplantable human organs.

American biotech BIOLIFE4D is trying to establish itself as a world-leader, with CEO Steven Morris saying the company is striving to be the “first to market with a commercially viable 3D bioprinting process”.

To advance that goal it added leading biomedical engineer, Adam Feinberg, to its scientific advisory team this week.

“I am excited to be part of BIOLIFE4D as the company works to make transplant-grade 3D bioprinted organs a reality. Focused research and development is foundational to accelerating the clinical translation and commercialization of these technologies,” said Feinberg.

The young, equity-funded biotech, aims to tap into recent breakthroughs in technology and stem cell biology to achieve its goal of making bioprinted organs available globally.

And more established players are already making headway in turning science fiction into reality.

Last year a team from the Wyss Institute successfully bioprinted a section of kidney using living human cells. While this summer scientists in Switzerland 3D printed a silicone heart that lasted for 3,000 beats.

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