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Europe launches bioeconomy manifesto


The European Bioeconomy Manifesto launched today sets out how the continent plans to grow this mult-trillion euro industry.

Compiled by the EU Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel, it was presented to Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation as part of Bioeconomy policy day.

Carlos tweeted this morning that the “bioeconomy represents €2.2 trillion of the EU’s economy and 9% of its workforce” and that “by 2025, the aim is that each euro invested in EU-funded bioeconomy research will generate 10 euro of added value”.

“Faced with the current challenges of food security, climate change and industrial transformation, we have the responsibility to figure out how to best deal with the biological resources we have and how to put them to the best use. In the past five years, the EU has made major progress in this respect. We have taken stock of this progress to make sure that we focus our efforts in the right direction in this diverse and fast-changing part of the economy,” added Carlos.


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