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Biomarker test detects risk of cancer

Scientists in America have developed a test which detects key biomarkers for a variety of diseases.

Dr Jin-Xiong She, Director of the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, said that “for many diseases that kill us every day, there still are no good biomarkers’.

She and his team have pioneered a method which can contribute to remedying this situation. By identifying the link between the antibodies people produce ‘to the complex sugars [or glycans] coating our cells’ it is possible to gauge the risk levels to a range of diseases, including cancer. And the ‘highly sensitive’ Luminex Multiplex Glycan Array tech used by the team enables this to be done at scale.

“While we think this new test will eventually enable us to do many things, right now we have evidence it can help determine biomarkers for those at risk for relapse from cancer,” says She. “With this new technology, we can explore what is normal and what is disease. This is just the beginning.”

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