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Where is innovation taking us?

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Innovators Magazine asked a few people how they think innovation will reshape the world over the next decade or so.

New technologies and ideas are transforming all sectors – and every aspect of life – and they hold the potential to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

“On a personal level, I am thrilled by the extraordinary innovation advancing the frontiers of technology. However, what is exciting for an individual may prove to be devastating at a societal level. Many of our institutions have only adapted superficially to new technology. Are these institutions ready for the radical transformations that technology will likely bring about in the years ahead? We are going to need transformative innovations in our democratic institutions, education system, social safety net, and news media. These innovations can help to reduce inequality, avoid mass unemployment, and make our societies truly sustainable,” said Steve Kenzie, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network UK.

And innovation looks set to revolutionise education systems.

“Technology and the flow of information will create enormous opportunities for education, particularly in emerging markets. These will help to democratize education; levelling the global playing field with accessibility, through online programs, and emerging technologies that can create a unique user experience for each child. Through virtual reality and augmented reality, students will see and experience events happening across the globe like never before. They will brought into the global community through education programs. AI will be able to identify the areas where a student is struggling and work through techniques to provide them help precisely on the areas they need. It will also allow the more advanced learners to be stretched without being held back. As educators begin to embrace new tools, they will have the ability to be more effective in the time they spend with each learner. The real-time, global reach, teach me now and teach it for me characteristics each alone are enormous, but together they can blow off the walls of education as we think of it today,” added Katherine Manuel, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Thomson Reuters.


Read the full article in our latest edition – out this week, which is being distributed at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) in Brussels; and is also available online.

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