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US votes for clean power

Strong momentum is building across America for a future powered by 100% clean energy.

The city of Clarkston in Georgia pledged earlier this month to move to 100% renewables by 2050. And now Bellingham, Washington, has committed to scoping out the best way to complete a similar journey by 2030. The city council agreed Monday to identify next steps as part of a planning process due to be completed by May next year.


“Our communities share the City Council’s bold ambitions. Solar power is already booming in Bellingham and growing everyday. Forward-thinking policies are essential to our transition away from fossil fuels, and we applaud Council members for listening to residents and taking action to reach our goals of clean, affordable energy for all by the 2030s,” said Eddy Ury, Clean Energy Program Manager at RE Sources for Sustainable Communities.

There are now 66 US cities pledged to shift entirely to green energy, as the country continues to back sustainable power.

The direction of travel was shown by the California Energy Commission vote this week for new homes built in the state from 2020 to include solar panels.

And read our interview with Jodie Van Horn, Director of the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign, to learn more about America’s passion for renewables.

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