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Understanding GM crops

The favourable scientific evidence regarding the safety of genetically engineered food crops is starting to be conveyed more clearly to the wider public.

When it comes to what people eat, it is natural, when the information isn’t readily available, that negative conclusions can and do fill the void. An article on these pages last week – biotech battles fake news – revealed some of the investment being made in America to raise public awareness on biotechnology in general.

It follows research like the PG Economics study – GM Crops: Global Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts 1996-2015’ – which cites both the economic and environmental benefits, and an earlier report which “found no substantiated evidence that foods from GE crops were less safe than foods from non-GE crops.”

When explaining something, though, it is always goos to start at the beginning – so check out this video from GMO Answers, which goes ‘behind the scenes of GMO creation’.


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