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The tech industry is turning circular

Key players across the tech industry are leading it towards a future defined by circular thinking.

HP is transforming how its products are made and ‘recovered’ as it commits to making the transition to a circular model. The company has strong credentials when it comes to sustainability – having recycled 1.6 million tonnes of its products. And it harnesses pioneering tech to reduce its impact on the environment.

Apple is another household name dedicated to ditching a linear approach to doing things. It wants to spearhead a “closed-loop supply chain, where products are built using only renewable resources or recycled material

There are also raft of international projects to find new ways of using old electronics in a bid to prevent them ending up in landfill and impacting negatively on the environment.

And some are even trying to make e-waste disappear. With researchers at Stanford University creating electronic components that are biodegradable.

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