Neste has welcomed the Swedish Government’s initiative drive to increase the use of biofuels.

The Finnish company – the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel refined from waste and residues – has praised draft proposals for a continuation of tax exemption for high-end biofuels and an emission reduction mandate for traffic fuels.

“Sweden is showing worldwide leadership with its ambitious goal to reduce carbon emissions from its transport sector by 70% by 2030. A growing Nordic market for biofuels is emerging, as also Norway and Finland have recently set very high biofuel targets. The large resources of forest-based raw materials in these countries are expected to play a big role in reaching these targets,” says Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President of Neste’s Renewable Products business area. “We are very proud to have been able to contribute to the positive development in the Swedish fuels markets over the past years by supplying renewable diesel to several fuel companies and our distribution customers through our coastal terminals in Södertälje, Kalmar, Malmö, and Göteborg.”