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Sustainability is child’s play

Toy giant Hasbro has launched a pilot recycling scheme in America.

Through a partnership with TerraCycle, a pioneering recycling firm which has featured a few times on these pages, Hasbro toys and games will be transformed into materials used to make products for play spaces, including park benches and flower pots. The public can send them to TerraCycle using a free shipping label.


“Hasbro’s toy recycling program is the first brand-sponsored national recycling program in the industry, and we are proud to partner with the passionate team at Hasbro to offer consumers a simple, sustainable solution for recycling their well-loved toys and games. Our expertise in product recycling is a great fit for a company like Hasbro that is committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products throughout its lifecycle, including end of life,” said Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle.


The move is in line with Hasbro’s ongoing commitment to lock sustainability into every aspect of its business. It has pledged, for example, to ‘begin using plant-based bio-polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for blister packs and plastic windows in its product packaging starting in 2019’.

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