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Countdown to Earth Day 2018

Getting actively involved in Earth Day 2018 is a great way to contribute to the global movement working to end plastic pollution.

The iconic initiative from the Earth Day Network (EDN) on 22 April is an occasion this year when citizens worldwide are being asked to focus on actions that can help bring an end to plastic pollution.


“Plastic pollution is now an ever-present challenge. We can see plastics floating in our rivers, ocean, and lagoons, littering our landscapes and affecting our health and, the future of billions of children and youth. We have all contributed to this problem – mostly unknowingly – and we must work to reduce and ultimately to End Plastic Pollution,” says Valeria Merino, Vice-President of Global Earth Day at Earth Day Network.


There are lots of excellent resources on the Earth Day website, including a Plastic Pollution Footprint Calculator, to help people learn how they can make a difference and join the one billion plus global citizens that will be taking part on 22 April and beyond.

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