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Shell strikes biofuels deal


Shell has struck a deal to support the commercialisation of a promising biofuel technology that can make renewable gasoline from a variety of waste products.

As part of the agreement Shell will have ‘development and licensing’ rights over the patented tech – developed by Canada’s SBI Bioenergy.

Inder Singh, SBI’s Founding President & CEO, said: “We are confident that Shell is the right industry partner to commercialise our low carbon intensity renewable fuel process. Working with Shell means that we have a partner with proven capabilities to investigate the potential this technology has for global application and that is something that is very exciting for us.”

The pair will join forces to showcase the value of this technology, with a view to scaling it up and taking it to a commercial market.

“SBI has a promising new Canadian biofuels technology. This is a great opportunity for us to combine Shell’s innovation and commercialisation capabilities with SBI’s technical expertise to investigate the potential this technology has for commercial application,” added Andrew Murfin, General Manager, Advanced Biofuels for Shell.


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