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Procurement is the new poster child for a green transition

A digital twin innovation that reduces the ecological footprint of public buildings has received €75k after winning the ‘societal challenges’ category at the prestigious European Innovation Procurement Awards in Brussels.

The ceremony on Wednesday, presided over by Jo Brouns, Flemish Minister for Innovation, and Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, named France’s REGEN3TIQ, submitted by Beam Cube (BEAM³), the winner in the ‘facing societal challenges: green energy transition’ category, thanks to the technology’s ability to drive down a building’s energy consumption.

“Innovation procurement is an essential component to stimulate innovation and to drive the digital and green transition of the European Union,” said Brouns. “The Innovation Procurement Awards showcase successful cases of excellence and innovation in procurement practices across Europe “

Another winner, the Group for Innovation Procurement (GPI) initiative of Sardinia Research (Sardegna Ricerche), also received €75k, for its plan to mobilise key procurement actors – and activity – in their region.

“The European Innovation Procurement Awards celebrate visionary endeavours that not only foster innovation but also address pressing societal challenges,” added European Commissioner, Iliana Ivanova. “My heartfelt congratulations to the winners. They exemplify the transformative potential of innovative procurement initiatives in shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for Europe.”


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Susan is the co-founder of Innovators Magazine and a consultant for OnePoint5Media. Susan is also a member of the UNFCCC-led Resilience Frontiers Nexus group and the Chair of the APOPO Foundation UK board.


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