A spectacular light show held on New Zealand’s Auckland Harbour Bridge has demonstrated the awesome power of clean energy technologies.

The country’s iconic landmark was lit up using solar power and battery tech during a weekend public display attended by thousands. It was part of an energy efficiency deal between Auckland Council and Vector, the country’s leading electricity provider, to deliver sustainable projects across the city over the next 10 years.

“Vector Lights has given us another platform from which to celebrate and the use of solar power reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions,” said Phil Goff, Auckland Mayor.

The Vector Lights initiative harnessed clean energy stored in over 600 panels to light up the Auckland sky, with it being possible to individually programme each of the 90,000 LEDs on the bridge.

“Vector Lights will be an evolving showcase of new energy solutions that help illustrate what a more sustainable energy future can look like,” added Simon Mackenzie, Vector’s CEO. “Vector Lights not only showcases what is possible from an energy perspective, it will contribute to Auckland’s allure as a destination and a modern, future-focused community.”