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‘New era of innovation and travel’

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An historic 15-hour Qantas flight today from Los Angeles to Melbourne is using a mix of 10% biofuel.

Made from the non-food seed, Brassica Carinata, it will save ‘18,000kg in carbon emissions’, according to a Qantas press statement.

The carrier collaborates with Quebec’s Agrisoma Biosciences – which develops the Carinata. And the trans-Pacific flight is part of a partnership signed between the two last year, which will see the Canadian oilseed crop grown by Australian farmers within three years.

Speaking about today’s Dreamliner 787-9 flight, Qantas International CEO Alison Webster said: “The Qantas Dreamliner marks an exciting new era of innovation and travel. The aircraft is more fuel efficient and generates fewer greenhouse emissions than similarly sized-aircraft and today’s flight will see a further reduction on this route.

“Our partnership with Agrisoma marks a big step in the development of a renewable jetfuel industry in Australia – it is a project we are really proud to be part of as we look at ways to reduce carbon emissions across our operations.”


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