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New deal for biofuels in America


A leading producer of biofuels from household waste has achieved a first in being granted approval to sell into the American market.

Enerkem’s plant in Edmonton, Alberta, converts municipal solid waste into biomethanol in minutes, and the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Vincent Chornet, said earlier this year his firm’s “disruptive solution sets a new standard in waste management, biofuels and chemicals, where waste becomes a resource to make everyday products.”

The decision by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes it the “first ever municipal waste-to-cellulosic ethanol plant to receive approval to sell in” America. The EPA views cellulosic biofuels as a key component in fighting climate change, having confirmed it slashes greenhouse gas emissions by 60%.

“With this EPA approval, we are now able to sell one of the lowest-carbon transportation fuels into the world’s largest biofuels market,” said Vincent Chornet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enerkem. “This provides further validation of Enerkem’s leading position in the global race to decarbonizing the transportation fuel sector, which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.”

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