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New course of action to tackle hunger

A new online course in America aims to help caregivers in the country better serve the millions of senior citizens in the country living in hunger.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 is to Zero Hunger. And although many may assume this is an issue which only affects certain populations, the truth is it’s a big challenge that the developed world has to overcome.

And today a free online course highlighting the extent of the problem in America, with suggested actions caregivers can take to overcome it, was introduced by the Food Research & Action Center and AARP Foundation

“Nearly 10 million people age 50 and older are threatened by hunger every day. Health care and other community providers are on the front lines in ensuring their older patients get the support they need for their overall well-being. We collaborated with the Food Research & Action Center to design this course to be a resource in identifying and treating food insecurity to help improve the health of millions of older adults,” said Emily Allen, senior vice president of programs, AARP Foundation.

Meanwhile in the UK, a charity is providing vending machines filled with everyday essentials to support homeless people, another group of people struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis.

While these initiatives can contribute to achieving SDG2, to make bigger – more significant steps, Graziano da Silva, the Director-General of the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), said last year that coordinated strategies, within and between nations, will be required.

“Hunger will only be defeated if countries translate their pledges into action, especially at national and local levels,” he said.

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