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Intrapreneurs take centre stage


Tech Open Air Berlin – an exciting fusion of conference and festival – gets underway tomorrow.

It will showcase the latest in game changing tech and working practices in what will be a celebration of interdisciplinary innovation. And the growing importance of in-house pioneers will be in the spotlight, with Daimler – a headline supporter of the event – taking a stage for its intrapreneurs to shine.


“Our innovative culture is not merely technology-driven. The employees are a really fundamental factor, as they are actively helping to shape the digital transformation with diverse ideas”, said Wilko Stark, Vice President Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Cars Strategy & Head of CASE.


Daimler says it adopts ‘professional startup methods’ to enable its workforce to to take forward their ideas. Writing for us last year – Katherine Manuel, SVP Innovation at Thomson Reuters, echoed that desire to nurture intrapreneurship.

“Allowing our employees to experiment and try new approaches that they think will delight customers, streamline processes or improve methods is extremely important. We conduct and sponsor lean experimentation and design thinking workshops across the globe that give people the tools and grant people permission to experiment constructively. We have woven innovation into our company-wide training programs to ensure that employees know it matters and they feel invited to participate. We understand that our employees are our most valuable asset and we want them to feel empowered in their roles,” Katherine said.

Follow hashtag  for all the latest action from Berlin, the event runs from 19 to 22 June.

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Intrapreneurship is taking off


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