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How many planets do you need?

However many your lifestyle habits might need, the reality is we have one – there is no Planet B.

Our Impact Comms Lead, Carlotta De Toni, is on a journey through all 17 Global Goals on Instagram and is currently discussing number 12: responsible consumption and production.


“Have you ever checked how many planets (of resources) we would need if everybody on this earth were living like you? I did, and, quite frankly, it left me upset but it also made me think about the way I live and how can I choose differently. If you want to find out when your overshot day is, go to Mine is the 31st of July, meaning 1.7 Earths would be required to sustain the world’s population on my current lifestyle. However, there is no planet B, so we need to act now and take the right measures to restore balance. This is also what SDG 12 is all about: ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns,” Carlotta posted.


We’re not singling out startups, of course; there needs to be a cultural change of mindsets across the board – and early stage companies, like the rest of us, need to get up to speed with Global Goal 12 – and join Carlotta on Instagram to be part of the debate.

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