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Get to grips with greenwashing

Corporates routinely make claims about their climate credentials. But can we believe what they say? My guest today on Inside Ideas, Margaret Kim, CEO of the Gold Standard Foundation – established in 2003 by WWF and other international NGOs to answer these types of questions, is well placed to talk about where we are at with this.

“There is very little in the way of global level frameworks or guidances that are clearly given to the corporates and that is why we are sort of in this transition period where we need to bring that consensus and that understanding of how to account for how to report. Until then you can just say it and consumers will not know,” Maggie says.

She adds: “If I talk to my grandmother and she is booking an airline ticket and the airline says we are carbon neutral she is going to believe it. It needs an effort from all parties. Corporates need to follow the net zero target and how to get there. And consumers also need to be educated how to differentiate greenwashing versus non greenwashing.”

As CEO of the Gold Standard Foundation, Maggie is at the forefront of efforts to ensure trust and reliability are the watchwords when it comes to the measurement and reporting of actions attributed to advancing sustainable development. Her strengths in strategic development and resource mobilization coupled with a passion for sustainable development and combating climate change allows Maggie to support Gold Standard in delivering on its vision to progress ‘climate security and sustainable development for all’.

Global Goals

To better quantify, certify and maximise the impact of the UN Global Goals, Gold Standard has launched a ‘best practice standard for climate and sustainable development interventions: the Gold Standard for the Global Goals‘.

“We launched the Gold Standard for the Global Goals, to maximise impact, creating value for people around the world and the planet we share,” the Gold Standard website states.

I am delighted to have Maggie on today’s show to learn more about this and how we get to the truth of understanding how far we are really going in transforming our world.

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Marc is Editor-at-Large for Innovators Magazine and host of INSIDE IDEAS, his OnePoint5Media video podcast show. Marc is a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, Resilient Futurist, and award-winning Global Food Reformist.


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