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Earth Day eyes action on plastics

Earth Day 2018 will use its influence to strengthen and build the global movement working to end pollution from plastics.

And with more than one billion people taking part in Earth Day activities annually, the Earth Day Network (EDN) – which organises the initiative – can play a big role in harnessing people power in the fight against plastic waste.

EDN will spread information about the destructive impact plastics are having on humans and wildlife; and promote the solutions and actions that can help reverse the trend, one which a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates will mean that “by 2050 oceans could contain more plastics than fish (by weight)”.

“There is a growing tidal wave of interest in ending plastic pollution and some countries and governments are already in the vanguard. Earth Day Network believes we can turn that tidal wave into a permanent solution to plastics pollution,” said Kathleen Rogers, President of EDN.

Earth Day 2018 takes place on 22 April: check out the different ways you can get involved.

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