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DHL releases sustainability roadmap

One of the world’s biggest logistics companies says sustainability and improved economic performance go hand-in-hand.

Air and freight specialist, DHL Global Forwarding, has produced a white paper advocating for – and setting out how others can adopt – Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) systems.

“A drive towards sustainability is happening now. We see evidence that taking decisions in the interest of sustainability provides a source of innovation and growth for a lot of our customers and business partners. Stronger employee engagement is another upside as sustainability leadership instills a sense of pride and inspires employees,” said Angelos Orfanos, Executive Vice President Global Marketing & Sales, DHL Global Forwarding.

DHL says the SSCM approach of replacing the take, make, dispose linear model of production with a circular reduce, reuse, recycle, and return cuts costs and emissions.

“There is no doubt that there are strong ethical and environmental arguments in favour of sustainable business practices. Scientific and practical evidence now shows that following the Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) approach also creates added value for businesses,” added Kathrin Brost, Global Head of GoGreen, DHL Global Forwarding. “We found that cost and emissions reductions are not contradictory, but often complementary.”

The unlock the true value of your supply chain white paper can be downloaded from the DHL website.

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