Drivers in Finland are filling up their vehicles on biogas made using IKEA food waste.

Innovators Magazine reported last October the deal signed between IKEA Finland and natural gas company, Gasum, to locate stations at the furniture giant’s stores across the country. And the first new Gasum station has been opened as part of the collaboration, at the IKEA store in Lommila, Espoo.

“It’s excellent that the first IKEA store gas filling station is now open in Finland. This increases the opportunities to fill up on 100% Finnish biogas and clean gas. At the same time, IKEA is able to utilize food waste from its restaurants in energy production and gets to increase the use of road fuel gas in its logistics,” said Gasum Vice President for Biogas Jukka Metsälä.

Biogas supports a more sustainable transport system, with the ‘fuel’s lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions’ reduced ‘by up to 85%’. IKEA Finland will also power its buses and vehicles with the biogas.