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Canada’s superclusters benefit biotech

Canada’s new $950 million network of business-focussed superclusters has been welcomed by the country’s biotech industry.

The Canadian Government’s near one billion dollar investment supports superclusters that will advance progress in areas including digital tech, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing. It will bring together companies of all sizes, research institutions, universities and other key stakeholders, as ‘people with diverse skills work together’ to develop innovations that can impact positively on society.

And with biotechnology increasingly being applied in a range of industries, trade body BIOTECanada is upbeat about the implications of the new investment.

The organisation’s President, Andrew Casey said: “The world’s population is predicted to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050. This means drastic global changes in human health, the environment, food security and economic fortunes have already started to impact our day to day lives for Canadians. The value of these superclusters will be in promoting research, creating high-quality jobs and economic advances when industry will work with numerous partners. The recognition from the Federal Government is encouraging to Canadian biotech companies who are bringing innovations to agriculture, creating new sources of energy and industrial applications, and reducing the environmental footprint of existing manufacturing and industrial processes.”

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