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Biotech becoming a star of the catwalk

The fashion world is teaming up with innovative biotechnology companies to develop a sustainable industry.

Innovators Magazine highlighted this link in a feature on the Fashion for Good (FFG) initiative in our recent special edition on biotech. Amsterdam-based FFG is a global network that brings together cross-sectoral stakeholders, united in their desire to spearhead change. It does this in a variety of ways, including through its startup accelerator and scaling programmes.

France’s Pilli Bio is one of the companies that FFG has worked with to advance its ambitions.

Jérémie Blache

CEO Jérémie Blache told Innovators Magazine:“Every year, over 100Mt fabrics are dyed by the textile industry. 99% of the dyes are petroleum-based, polluting to produce and dangerous for health and the environment. PILI products offer to the fashion industry the opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint without changing its manufacturing chain nor increasing its costs. Microorganisms use sugar as a renewable carbon source to synthesize colors in water. For each ton of dye, this process avoids the use of 100 tons of heavy oils, 10 tons of chemicals and 800,000 litres of water. We develop a competitive alternative without oil, without hazardous components that fit in existing processes and machinery.”

Read more on about Fashion for Good and its message to biotechs in our special edition on biotechnology.


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